Marketing Department SE Team Length of service: 5 years(since 2016)

AUNG MYO MIN アゥン・ミョー・ミン

Origin:Yangon University of Foreign Languages
※As of January, 2020

I am trying to make my dream come true 

By making more challenges through my works.

What is your profession?

When I started working at Itamiarts Inc(Myanmar Office), I did data processing with Adobe Illustrator for one year.
After that, I was invited to the Head Office in Okayama, Japan. Then I started making a challenge with Website coding and WordPress(CMS) that I have never done before.
Now I am learning Web Programming to create a system for our company, Itamiarts Inc.

Appeals of Itami arts

There is a moto at Itamiarts Inc: “You can get 10 years’ experience in the first 3 years”.
For me, this is a big attraction to work at Itamiarts. We, freshly graduated youths can improve as much as we make a challenge. In Itamiarts, there are so many things we can learn and make a challenge. This is why if we make more challenges we can get 10 years’ experience within the first 3 years.
We can work happily without pressure every day because Itamiarts always try to be a nice place to work.

Message towards applicants

When I go back to Myanmar, I will share the knowledge, technique, experiences everything that I have learnt in Head Office and make Myanmar Office more improved cooperation with everyone.